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Zarude and Shiny Celebi Redeemable Code for Sword and Shield from New Pokemon Japan Movie



PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE READ BEFORE PURCHASING. These codes are region free, you must redeem the code by going on your sword/shield game through mystery gift. Codes will be sent within 48 hours of purchase through amazon messages! Most likely will be earlier, we have this in place to make sure we are able to process it due to the massive demand. I do apologize about the delays if there are any. You are getting an actual code! We do not trade in-game to ensure you do not get a hacked/cloned pokemon. Codes will be sent in the order it was purchased. Please be patient. Will try our best to send as soon as possible. If you use the codes in Pokemon Sword/Shield, You can get a Shiny Celebi and a Zarude in the game. If you take the Zarude to the the Isle of Armer, You can get a cap in SWSH(I’d like you to look at the second picture) Expiration date of the codes have not been announced yet.

This is a guide how to access your amazon email:
1.Go to your account (Hello, (name) Account & Lists on the top right corner area.
2.Scroll down to Communication and Content
3.Click on “Messages from Amazon and Sellers”
4.Look for a message from Legacy Cards
5.Instructions to redeem your code is listed there!

Codes to redeem through Mystery Gift for Shiny Celebi and Zarude
Works only on Pokemon Sword and Shield game for the Nintendo Switch
Emailed within 48 hours of purchase time.
This is a code to ensure the pokemon is not cloned or hacked


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