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The Sword


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Feared by monsters.

Envied by men.

Craved by women.

Kaeden is a nomad who lives life on his own terms. He prefers the unbounded steppe over a cramped city, and allegiance to the sword over fealty to a king. When he does make the occasional foray into civilization, it is to procure cold mead, a hot bath, and a good woman. The latter preferably for an hour or less. 

Life is great, until his wanderings bring him to a forest inhabited by nightmares. There, trapped beneath those lightless eaves, he is forced to ally with a mysterious woman whose cunning and beauty could prove to be his downfall. 

Either way, one thing is certain: If he is to die, then he will do so covered in the blood of his enemies. 

Note: This book contains violent scenes, unconventional thinking, and harem elements.


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