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The Golden Ninja Dragon Sword | Large 28 inch Gold Foam Samurai Master Toy Sword for Cosplay Costume or Halloween Fantasy



The time has come for the traditional dragon sword to evolve… This legendary Japanese sword has been passed down through generations through the long line of dragon lineage. Become the new heir and take what is rightfully yours and be the true possessor of the golden dragon. This gold mystical weapon comes with spiritual power of the dragon hidden within the blade. The bearer of this divine blade must possess the physical strength, vigorous spirit, and proficiency of techniques necessary to wield such a weapon. The immense power contained within The Golden Dragon Sword disrupts the balance of a peaceful world. With it’s history of defeating many foes, it has put a stop the pendulum’s swing between good and evil. This divine weapon has only been entrusted to the strongest and most spiritually pure of mankind, a warrior who would be the start of the dragon lineage bloodline. Are you ready to become the next Dragon Warrior Ninja?

✅ ULTIMATE GOLDEN DRAGON SWORD: Designed in Japan, this 28 inch toy foam dragon ninja flat foam master sword is printed in 3D High Definition with a Golden Dragon from Head to Tail. Created and designed by a Japanese Artist, Kaori Shimada is made in America from cross-linked polyethylene. It is stiffened soft foam that is designed for safety and durability. No internal stiffeners are added to prevent injury of sharp objects.
✅ QUALITY & VERSATILITY: This gold dragon master sword is perfect for costumes and dress-up for Lego Ninjago Lloyd outfit sets. Kids love using this ultimate battle weapon in there fantasy make-believe world. Become a true ninja by possessing the true gold dragon sword for cosplay, theater, movies, home videos, and play set..
✅ DECORATION: Use for decoration or wall decor in a child’s bedroom. Use to decorate classroom, family rooms, children rooms, or nursery. The keepsakes are good for ornaments as living room and bedroom center pieces. These look great for most ninja themes and backdrops. These swords are waterproof, but will last longer when stored indoors.
✅ GIFT IDEAS: The ninja dragon master sword is perfect for Birthday, Christmas, Easter Kwanzaa, Hanukkah, Ramadan, and birthday party presents for boy and girl youth. Children favor getting their own toy swords when they turn 6 years old. These fantasy weapons make for great photographs in photo shoots.
✅ LIFE TIME WARRANTY: Have peace of mind knowing that we inspect and provide prime quality control on each and every toy sword. If there is anything wrong with your sword, simply return it to Amazon within 30 days after purchase for a full refund. If there are any manufacturer defects for the life of the sword, we will replace it after receiving your original sword back, along with proof of purchase.


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