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Tactical Master Machete Set with Throwing Knives. for Camping, Outdoor Sports and Collections



Product Description

Tactical Master Machetes sharp outdoorsTactical Master Machetes sharp outdoors

Tactical Machete Master outdoors survivalTactical Machete Master outdoors survival

Tactical Master

Tactical Master consists of tactical machetes that are ready for any situation. Our machetes are ready to clear through any path on your outdoor adventures. Each machete has its own unique properties which are perfect for any collector. Take your pick from Tactical Master’s large selection of machetes.

Durable Tactical Master Machetes Outdoors SurvivalDurable Tactical Master Machetes Outdoors Survival


Each machete is made with high quality 440 Stainless Steel, which is an affordable yet durable steel. Made to help you through many outdoor situations, our selection will serve you well. Included with all the machetes is a durable tactical nylon sheath which holds the machetes while also keeping them in great condition.

Tactical Master Fixed Blade Machete With 2 Throwing Knives Combo
Spear point blade series: 27″ overall with 2 PCS 6″ throwing knives
Constructed With 440 Stainless Steel Blade
Comes with Nylon Carry Sheath
For Gifts, Collection, Camping, Outdoor Sports.Used


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