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MAKOTO Handmade Shirasaya Samurai Katana Sharp Sword Burgundy Red



This is a hand made razor sharp entry level practical shirasaya style katana sword. The Shirasaya first came into use when the sword smiths needed a place to temporarily store their sword blades. Newly forged katana swords were often stored in wooden sheath to store until they could be fitted. After sword carrying was banned in Japan, some Samurais uses Shirasaya style katana to conceal their swords. Nowadays, the Shirasaya is presented as a different style of Samurai sword. This sword is made with high temper carbon steel that can cut steel wire without chipping, and it can cut through bamboos easily. The blade was fully hand sharpened with a visible temper line. The saya and tsuka of the sword is constructed by hard wood, and finished with beautiful burgundy lacquered finish. When enclosed, the saya and tsuka becomes one solid piece. The Sword is measured at 39” overall long, the blade is measured at 28” long. Makoto is a registered trademark.
The blade is hand forged from 1045 high carbon steel and tempered for consistent hardness and flexibility
Features a burgundy wooden scabbard (saya) and handle
Overall length 39″, blade length 28″
Razor sharp blade, battle ready
Including black cotton sword bag for carrying and protection


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