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Legendary Link Master Sword of Time – Real Carbon Steel Version



The blade has the Triforce symbol etched on both sides and is made of high carbon steel with a sturdy tang. The handle is finished in blue and gold like in the game. More over the sword comes with a amazingly detailed scabbard. The scabbard has antiqued metal fittings at the top and bottom, and the gold trim is textured. This is a very high quality version of the Link Master Sword that you will be confident in it’s durability.

Proprietary SwordsAxe etched pattern on scabbard, shown in picture.
Blade Material & Sharpness: High Carbon Steel, Oiled for Preservation, Unsharpened, Factory Angular Edge
Scabbard: Wooden, Blue Gloss Finish, Metal Fittings, Textured Gold Trim
Features: Triforce Engraved On Both Sides of Blade
Overall Length: 40 Inches. Blade Length: 27 Inches. Blade Thickness: 4mm.


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