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Cold Steel MAA Italian Long Sword


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Historically, the Long Sword featured a distinctive cruciform hilt and a long, double edged blade that was equally adept at opposing both light and heavily armored foes. Its extra-long blade offered the reach and leverage for powerful stabbing, cutting and chopping strokes while its long cross guard and heavy pommel were useful for hooking, striking and smashing. When heavy plate armor was encountered, strikes with the edge were often abandoned in favor of a “Half-Swording” technique; where one hand grips the hilt and the other the blade for grappling and in-fighting – to better direct the point in powerful jabs, and to accurately thrust at the small gaps and joints in a suit of armor.

1090 High Carbon
Leather Scabbard with Blued Steel Fittings.
Type: Sword
Steel: 1055 Carbon
Scabbard: Leather Scabbard With Blued Steel Fittings


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