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Armory Replicas Snow Sigil Wolf Medieval Long Sword with Sheath



This long sword is great for mock battles, costumes, and for just plain fun. This blade was given as a reward for a saved life to the King of North. It is made from polyurethane foam with a 10mm inner core. This fibrous core makes this sword stronger yet bendable without damaging the structure. The pommel features a sigil dire wolf representing the House of the King. A spiral black grip leads down to a turned down cross guard and ball tip quillions. Included is a nylon back sheath with an adjustable strap.

Overall Length: 41 Inches / Overall Width: 8 Inches
Handle Length: 9.82 Inches / Handle Thickness: 34.15 mm
Blade Length: 27.75 Inches / Blade Thickness: 12.66 mm
Material: Polyurethane Foam / Inner Core: 10mm
Sheath Overall Length: 33 Inches / Sheath Material: Nylon


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