Alloy Kashira Fuchi Sleeve Butt Cap Collar for Japanese Sword Katana Wakizashi Tanto Handle TsukaNumber (KF19-KF27)



Product number: 2018-12-14
aterial: Alloy
Used for Katana, Wakizashi or Tanto
You Can Use It To DIY Your Sword
Replacement For Maintenance
The kashira is a butt cap (or pommel) on the end of the tsuka.
The Fuchi is a cap type collar or ferrule which covers the opening in the
handle tsuka of a Japanese sword. The tang of the sword goes into the handle through a hole in the fuchi.
The sleeve are made of alloy and fine workmanship.You can use it to DIY your sword.
We supply retail,wholesale and customize swords, 100% handmade, direct selling, quality assurance, after-sell service.
What we supply:
(1). Nihontou(Japanese sword) including tachi,katana, wakizashi, tanto, naginata, ninja, sword set.
(2). Chinese swords including “Dao” and “Jian”.

Product Name: Kashira Fuchi
Fuchi inner diameter´╝Üabout4.000* 2.0CM, Kashira:inner diameter:about 3.51.8Cm
The above specifications are for reference,
Product numberKF24weight: 18grams
Note: There may be a little difference in size for every different,you need adjust it according to your tsuka.