2 Sword Display Case Cabinet Stand Holder Wall Rack Box – Lockable w/ 98% UV Protection




Our sword and scabbard display case is beautifully designed and constructed. Made of solid furniture-grade beech hardwood, this is the perfect solution to display 2 large swords with scabbards. Or 4 swords in there scabbards. Display case features a locking acrylic door (98% UV resistant with two keys) to keep out dust and a felt fabric background. Prefect for displaying military swords, samurai swords, and any collectible type swords. Moveable matching sword stand included. Cabinet is completed with brass hinges, locking door latchs and installed wall hanging hardware. (swords and scabbards shown are not included). Unit Weight: 17 lbs. Dimensions: Outside: 45″W X 18″H X 4.00″D Inside: 44″W X 17″H X 3.25″D Important note: Please make sure your sword and scabbard are within the inside measurements of this case before purchasing.

Inside Dimensions: 44.5 x 18″ x 3.5″
98% UV Ultra Clear Protected Acrylic Door
Fully Assembled With All Mounting Included.
Made From Solid Australian Beechwood Hardwood
Lockable Latches with Keys